Adding a Language to gedit

When I do development, my favorite editor is gedit.  Sure, I know there are other IDEs out there with lots more bells and whistles, but I like to keep it simple.  I’ve recently come back to the Ionic Framework with a new project I’m working on.  The new version of Ionic uses “TypeScript,” a language that compiles to JavaScript.  When I went to open TypeScript files using gedit, I was bummed that there was no syntax highlighting!  Just plain gray text in the entire file.

So, I looked into how I could add text highlighting for a currently unsupported language in gedit.  The files that define the syntax highlighting for gedit are located (for me at least) in:


The language files have the extension *.lang. After trying to create a TypeScript language file myself with minimal success, I finally managed to get the right Google search of “gedit lang file for typescript” and found that someone had already created one. It’s on github here.

I then just downloaded this file, placed it in the directory above (using sudo cp in the terminal to do so), restarted gedit, and it worked!

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