Setting Up a Feit Light Bulb with Tasmota

After much research and many failed attempts, I have finally successfully set up a Feit BPA800 light bulb (full model: BPA800/RGBW/AG/w) with Tasmota.  (If you’re unfamiliar with Tasmota, it’s alternative firmware for smart devices like plugs, switches, light bulbs, etc. that give you more control and allows you to be less dependent on a company’s cloud service to control your devices).

First off, if you haven’t installed the Tasmota firmware on your device yet, see this video which explains how to convert a “Tuya” based device (like the Feit smart bulbs) to Tasmota.

Where I ran into trouble was getting a configuration in Tasmota that properly controlled the light, changed the colors correctly, controlled brightness, etc.  Here is what I used and it seems to be working:

Template: {“NAME”:“OM60/RGBW”,“GPIO”:[255,255,255,255,140,37,0,0,38,142,141,255,255],“FLAG”:0,“BASE”:18}

For some reason, I started having trouble in the Tasmota web interface in that I couldn’t import this template in the “Configure Other” screen because the “Activate” checkbox was disabled — never figured out why this was happening.  I instead just changed all of the values on the “Configure Template” screen according to the list in the brackets above.  In other words, set:

Based on to Generic (18)
GPIO0 to User (255)
GPIO1 to User (255)
GPIO2 to User (255)
GPIO3 to User (255)
GPIO4 to SM16716 CLK (140)
GPIO5 to PWM1 (37)
GPIO9 to None (0)
GPIO10 to None (0)
GPIO12 to PWM2 (38)
GPIO13 to SM16716 PWR (142)
GPIO14 to SM16716 DAT (141)
GPIO15 to User (255)
GPIO16 to User (255)
ADC0 to None (0)

After you save, the device will reboot.  You then need to go to Configuration –> Configure Other and click “Activate” under the Template.  Then save, and it will reboot again.  You should now see controls for brightness, color, etc. on the main menu.

The other important setting was to go to the Console in the Tasmota web interface and type the command: “SetOption37 54” which changes how the color slider works so that the color you select actually changes your bulb that color.

BTW, most of this info I got from this forum post, but I wanted to summarize it here.

Also, if you want to enable “automatic discovery” if you want to control the bulb from software like Home Assistant, on the console type the command: “SetOption19 1“.

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