IoT Resources

So, I’ve began to create my first IoT (Internet of Things) device.  I’ve decided to list the useful resources that I find along the way here:

Blynk: A mobile app that allows you to create a custom page of controls for your IoT device.  You can also receive notifications from your device.  It is free for a simple page, but if you want more bells and whistles, you eventually have to purchase more “energy” to add more things to your page.

Adafruit IO: Similar to Blynk but on the web.  Not as many control options as Blynk, but it’s  free.  They do have a paid plan with more features.  It uses “MQTT,” a simple messaging protocol that is supposedly much faster than HTTP (i.e. using a webserver and SQL database for data logging). Allows a device to send messages.  You can retrieve them on Dweet’s website.  They start charging if you want to store old messages.  At this time, Dweet holds on to only the most recent 5 messages (for free).


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