The Roku “Secret Menu”

After having many issues with my Roku remote control, after doing some digging, I found that Roku has a “Secret Menu” to diagnose and solve some common issues.  Roku literally calls it a “Secret Menu” — their term, not mine!  Think of it as an “advanced settings” menu.

Anyways, here’s how to access it:

  1. On the remote control, hit the home button five times
  2. Push the following buttons in succession: Fast Forward, Play, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward

That should get you in there…I tried doing this on the Roku App on my phone, and it did NOT work.  It seems to only work on the Roku remote itself.  Since I was having remote issues, this was a bit of, well, an issue!  I found that distance from the remote to the device does make a difference.  I think that the remote communicates via WiFi directly to the Roku (I have the Roku Streaming Stick).  I don’t believe it uses the network*.  So holding the Roku remote close to the streaming stick should at least temporarily allow you to control the Roku via the handheld remote.

*NOTE: My reasoning for believing the Roku remote doesn’t access the Roku via your home network: In the “secret menu,” I was able to see the MAC address of the remote.  I logged on to my WiFi router, and noticed that this MAC address was not present on the list of current clients.  My only conclusion is that it sends WiFi signals directly to the Roku, bypassing the router.

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