Setting Up Cordova (for Anrdoid Development) on Xubuntu

This is quite the process.  First, you need node.js if you don’t already:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Then you need to install cordova via node package manager:

npm install -g cordova

Then you need to follow this guide to install JDK and Android Studio, to set up Android Studio, and to create the Cordova project. (Skip the part about installing Cordova CLI – you already did that above.

In creating the Cordova project, I ran into some issues in which some dependencies were not install. Just keep installing the missing ones by:

npm -g [package-name]

Once the “cordova create” command works, you’ve installed all the necessary dependencies.

I ran into an issue in setting up the “JDK” in Android Studio (i.e. I had no idea where my JDK (which is OpenJRE) was located). This article might help if you have the same issue.

I also had issues in running the app from Android Studio directly on my device. This article might help with that. Also, there are a security hoop you have to jump through. This article talks about that (see the “If you’re developing on Ubuntu Linux” section — it’s the longest one!)

There may be more to come…

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